Prevent and Manage Diabetes

If you’re worried about developing diabetes, or if you’re diabetic and want to improve your lifestyle and get your diabetes under control then this is the web page for you!

Watch the video below, and have a look at the graphic for information on where to find help and support. Keep scrolling down the page for more information.

Let’s DiaBEAT this!

Healthy Living

This free online self-management programme is designed for adults with type 2 diabetes. If you are aged 18 or over with type 2 diabetes or if you are the carer or relative of someone with type 2 diabetes then you are eligible to access this service.
To access this service a healthcare professional or other care provider can refer you to the healthy living registration page.

My Type 1 Diabetes

This free online platform helps those living with Type 1 Diabetes to manage their condition. This service is available to any adult diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The best news is that you can self refer and do not need to see a doctor to get access. Simply go to to find out more.

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

Sometimes referred to as the NDPP this is a free 9 month programme provided via phone, video, face-to-face, online or via an app. This programme is for patients who have been told that they are at risk of developing diabetes in the future. The aim of the programme is to enable you to make lifestyle changes that should prevent development of diabetes in later life.
You need to meet a specific criteria to access this service and ideally you will need to be referred by a GP or healthcare professional. There is an option to self refer but you will need to meet the criteria to be accepted onto the programme.
If you do want to self refer, you can access the website and more information by following the link:

NHS Digital Weight Management Programme

This free online or app based programme lasts for 12 weeks and is designed for those living with obesity who also have diabetes, high blood pressure, or both. You will need to be referred to the programme by a GP or healthcare professional, such as a pharmacist. For more information about the programme, follow the link to learn more:

For further information about Weight Management, click here