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Nursing Team Development - New Croft Surgery

Information on the current development of the nursing team at our New Croft Surgery Site

Nurses Appointments…why the wait?

We have received a letter from a patient recently about recent difficulty booking an appointment for a blood test at New Croft surgery, and this letter has prompted an update for patients on this very subject.

Patients will be aware that there is a need to train new nursing staff within the NHS, and we at Ireland Wood and Horsforth Medical Practice decided to take positive action to future proof the surgery in terms of our nursing team.
Two of our Health Care Assistants (HCAs) are now part of a nursing apprenticeship programme, meaning that they will train over the next three to four years to become fully qualified practice nurses.
We are so pleased that our HCAs have chosen to train as nurses, and wish them all the luck in the world in their ongoing training and development. As part of this qualification, the HCAs are required to work away from the practice on various placements, which has had a knock-on effect in terms of the availability of HCA appointments at New Croft Surgery.

So what are the practice doing about this?

We have employed an agency HCA to cover some of the shortfall in appointments, Ireland Wood staff have been made available for appointments with New Croft patients, and finally, as part of our on-going staff development programme, a number of receptionists have opted to train as phlebotomists, meaning that they are able to take blood, thereby increasing the capacity at the surgery.

We hope that our patients support and understand the reasons for this programme of development, as ultimately this will future proof the practice nursing team and provide a wider level of services to patients going forward.

Please join the practice in wishing the team well in their on-going professional development.

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